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Industrial Fishing Department

The Industrial Fishing Department began with 1 pelagic boat and infrastructures of 1,500 tons of  storage capacity  built on a land of about 3,500 m².
In 2015, this department has four( 4) pelagic fishing boats and a boat carrier, and its infrastructures increased concerning in 15,000 tons as storage capacity on land around of 16,000 m², in the district of Coronthie, municipality of  Kaloum in Conakry. This department also created points of sale in 14 cities of Guinea for the selling of the frozen fish.
It also has create a branch in Freetown (Sierra Leone) with a 2,500 tons of storage capacity  and an other one in Ghana ( TEMA) with a 4.000 tons of storage capacity.
The four (4 ) fishing boats produce approximately 50,000 tons of fish per year and operate in territorial waters of Guinea-Conakry, Sierra Leone and Guinea-Bissau. its 50,000 tons of the production is sharing between three (3) branches (Conakry, Freetown and Tema).
Besides these branches affiliated to the Industrial Fishing Department in Guinea, the shareholders have created  also branches in ANGOLA known as SONIT INTERNATIONAL ANGOLA, and in NIGERIA under the name of CIC (Compagnie Industrielle et Commerciale).
These last two affiliated companies to SONIT Guinea import some frozen fish from Europe (Netherlands, Norway, Black Sea, Russia) and also from Mauritania, around 200,000 tons per year.