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It is located in the area of Dixinn Bora, on a land aroud  7,000 m² where SONIT built two large sheds approximately 5,000 m² covered for factories 
and  a two-storeyed (Ground Floor + 2 Floors) building for the administration of the Department.
This factory is based on  sophisticated machinery and perfected furnaces for the treatment(processing) of coffee and cocoa.
It has for essential mission the purchase of the coffee / cocoa in the producing regions in Guinea, the transport, the treatment(processing) in factories, packaging in bags new jutes of 60 kilos and the exportation in Europe and in the Maghreb.
The department is exporting between 7,000 and 8,000 tons annually, among which 60% upper  in unroasted (green) Robusta coffee and 40% cocoa.