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Located 19 km from the center of Luanda in the industrial area of Viena over a land of 500 m²  SONIT - Angola is specialized in two domains of activity: industry and trading of frozen fish.
Through the industrial sector we produce tubes and iron sheets worth 70,000 tons per year.
The importation, the storage and the marketing of frozen fishes, frozen chicken, frozen meat  of rices are exclusively reserved for the Trading department (Marketing).
Sonit Ghana
The SONIT - Ghana is in port area of Thema and has several  preservative cold rooms which cocan store up to 4,000 Tonnes. The commercial performance of SONIT - Ghana is 30,000 tons of fishes a year.
sonit sierra leone
Located 500 meters from the port of Freetown at  29 Cline Street in a land  of about 3,000 m². it has its two preservative cold rooms with 3,000 tons storage capacity. SONIT - Sierra Leone sells 25,000 tons of fish per year.
CIC (Industrial and Commercial Company ) is a branch of SONIT Group. It has been in Nigeria since 1999 with its corporate headquaters located at 35/39 creek road, Apapa, Lagos. It specialised in the importation, storage and sale of frozen fish suc as Horse Mackerel,Mackerel, Sardinella, Herring, Blue Whitind Sardine, Crocaker.
CIC annualy imports about 150,000 to 200,000 tons of frozen fish which are transported in reefer vessel of capacity ranging from 2,000 to 8,000 tons.
The fish are later stored in modern preservative cold rooms of aggregate capacity of about 90,000 tons built by the company in serveral Nigerian cities with capable personnel in charge.
Apart from the head office at Apapa Lagos, CIC Ltd has four other branches in Lagos namely Mushin, Amuwo"1", Amuwo"2", Ikorodu. Again in its drive for expansion and consolidation, the company is presently in seven other cities in Nigeria namely Port Harcourt, Warri, Ibadan, Kaduna, Jos, Kano, Abuja.